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Dantas Photography is a family run business owned by Pedro and Isabel Dantas. They’ve been married for over 20 years, bonded by their love for photography and, of course, for each other.

They’ve spent a big part of their life together traveling around and photographing, photographing, photographing.

Pedro started developing his love for photography in his early teenage years, long before the digital era. Isabel’s first ever salary went straight to buy her first professional camera. Pedro has been fortunate to learn from world renowned photographers such as Arthur Meyerson, Sam Abell and Douglas Kirkland. He was also the mentor of a pioneer project with National Geographic photographers Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey. This remains the only time Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey have exhibited and taught in Portugal. Pedro then took on teaching at College and University, and continues to enjoy teaching on a one-to-one basis.

He is currently working on a personal photography project about a sunken village, by a dam, in northern Portugal, that will result in an exhibition and the publication of a book.

Isabel graduated in Photography and also develops her own personal photographic projects, alongside with her professional photography work.

They both love people and sincerely wish to use their skills to make all of their customers happy.